Fredy Wiles

The Spanish Voice Over Talent You've Been Searching For

Experience genuine emotion and authenticity in every project with Fredy’s unique Voice Over Talent

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Many Spanish voice-over talents you hear today will either sound robotic or have a strong native accent, which usually makes it difficult for the listener to connect with their message. You won’t have that problem with Fredy at all!

Genuine, Informative and Believable are some of the words that come to most client’s minds when describing Fredy’s voice. Versatile, Conversational, Friendly, Authoritative and Corporate, are also accurate adjectives. Fredy brings diversity, emotion, authenticity, and character to every voiceover project.
Fredy Wiles is an experienced Spanish Voice Over Talent, journalist and spokesperson with more than 20 years in the industry. His passion and creativity have made him a versatile and committed talent with a strong and unique ability to deliver great productions.




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